Hello Their this blog is to document my progress during my time at Canterbury college.

Why I choose to do the UAL extended diploma – games development course. The reason for this is to understand the fundamentals of the industry in order to add a basis to my own career expectations, and to develop myself in both skill and employ-ability in order to prepare myself for the professional world. Currently my skill with software programs used for games development at the time of writing this are naught, i have no skill in Photoshop, Maya, Java, C++ or anything of the sort, I’ve only just about got the basics of 3DS max due to an earlier class, however i must say it will go along way. if i can learn and improve on industry standard software then it will increase my chance of reaching my career expectations.

I have loved games since childhood, I remember playing the some old time classics such as Sonic the hedgehog and Bomber man on the original PlayStation console, however since then I have developed as a game and played a large variety of games from the general First person shooters to my favorite Open-world Role Playing Games. However recently I’ve delved into a genre I haven’t really touched upon before and that is the Online Action-RPG games where maps are randomly generated, more specifically a game called Path of Exile.

Path of Exile as I mentioned before is an Online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world called Wreaclast. Within the game you can obtain Skill gems from vendors and as rare drops from enemies you slay, These gems are associated with a Colour, Red, blue or green, when placed into a matching socket on your equipment they unlock a skill for you to use, some skills support others when placed in a socket that is directly linked to another enhancing the linked skill. an example of this is using the Greater multiple projectiles support gem and linking it to the fireball gem causing a single press of  the skill to not only fire one fireball but fire more instead at reduced damage. As like with any Action RPG their is a passive skill tree, a massive web of skills for you to unlock passives through further enhancing your character, it is a core fundamental to plan ahead because their are no full skill resets so if you wish to change you characters play style you may need to create a new one. Their are 6 classes and a bonus unlock able class, each class starts at a different point of the same conjoined passive skill tree, the classes go as follows; Temple, Marauder, Shadow, Ranger, Duelist and Which and then the unlock able class is the Scion who starts in the center of the skill tree.

The world of Wreaclast is a grim place scarred from the past and inhabited by nightmarish creatures posing a challenge for the exiles (players) who explore it. the developers thought that replay ability is key so all world areas are instanced for your party and randomly generated right down to the monsters the dwell their and the treasures they protect.

As with any RPG their are items that you can obtain as you explore the game world or purchase from vendors using currency items such as scrolls of wisdom and orbs of transmutations that aren’t just for economy, for example scrolls of wisdom also identify items which hidden stats. The slots on a character include, Main hand weapon, Off Hand, Helmet, Chest piece, Belt, Boots, Gloves, 2 rings and a necklace, their is also 5 refillable flash slots that can be consumed to restore health or mana or gain temporary boons to the player.

With any online game their are special modes you can partake in, for path of exile these are split into two categories, the first is leagues, a special twist to the normal game, an example is the prophecy league, in this league enemies would sometimes drop a silver coin, you would then take this coin to a special vendor and gain a new task one should say, the content of these tasks varies simply from using an item to slaying a specific enemy, when accomplished a reword is given.

Their are also events such as Race leagues and as the name suggests the exiles are pitted against each other to see who can do the best before its all over.

What makes path of Exile great however is that is Free to Play on steam, and it will never become Pay to win, they gain their income via a cosmetic store system where players can buy skins for their equipment and skills.

Here is a trailer for the games most recent expansion that was released September 2nd 2016


For me one of the most important things in games are the characters within the games themselves both visually and personality wise. I’ve spent my entire life enjoying the characters in games and TV from Sonic the Hedgehog to  Dante from Devil may cry, to me The characters make the story of a game, that is why it is my dream and goal to become a character designer/artist for the games industry. I have already started to design and develop my own characters just for the fun on it however I want them to not just be drawings on some paper, I want them to act as if they where alive. to me mixing games and my characters together would be perfect, 2 of my loves combining into one is great.