In the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the Kingdom of Hyrule is in a very desolate state, most places are derelict such as the temple of time and Hyrule Castle has been abandoned due to the presence of Calamity Ganon, however does this really relate to how Nintendo created the sound for the game?

Somewhat the correlation between the two is most notable in the music that plays when in the Wild, at first the music will just sound like random notes being played at random intervals, however if you where to speed some of the audio then you may here recognizable songs from previous Zelda titles. But why have Nintendo done this anyway, well a common phrase the developers have been saying is that they wish to break the Conventions of a Zelda game, in other words they wish to change the format and what you expect from a Zelda title.
The music does fit with the Games world in the way that both are broken but show signs of it’s former self, but how was this music made? well I searched for valuable and reliable information but could not find anything however if we Listen to the music during game play as well as the trailer then the music sounds close to an orchestral theme, however then you find sounds that could not of come from an orchestral, my theory is that first they got a bunch of musicians to play instruments and then they took that recording and took it to digital media programs to edit the music to make it more unique. Orchestra’s tend to use Omni-directional pick up patterns to record their sound recorded in the WAV format.


The music for the Japanese animated film Howl’s moving castle is composed by Joe hisaishi and performed by an orchestra much like Zelda, however this performance is much more pure, theirs likely small amounts of editing if any in order to get the right pitch, base etc. It likely also used a Omni-Directional pick up pattern microphone but what about the music itself? Well Studio Ghibli to me is like the Japanese Disney, and as you may know Disney films have very impacting music at important scenes and Howl’s moving castle is no different during some scenes that I won’t spoil their is a very impact-full music track playing which aid’s the scene itself in also being impact so in other words the music of Howl’s moving castle is their to increase the impact of the film.

Other sounds such as Burning for the character Calcifer who is Literal Fire would do the random snapping of burning wood and such related sounds likely recorded from actual fire or free stock sound samples.

As Sophie is Cursed with old age her voice changes to fit that,through out the film the Curse slowly rears out and at these times her Voice also goes younger as she does.