This Blog Post is a representation of the work I have done through the course of UNIT 3.

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Meet the Team

I am to Create a Meet the Team info graphic.

When detailing my Info graphic about the key team members required when producing my chosen 3D AAA game (Darksiders) I am to include their job roles, what qualifications and skills may they have and how much experience would they have to back that up.



Has anything I found during this task linked in with my own career goals? How would I apply these findings from this task to support your own development?

I found out that at any point within the games industry you mostly need previous experiences within a similar industry, that means I will need to have experience in creating character concept art and models if I ever wish to become a character designer/concept artist/ 3D modeler.


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Developer Team Tool Box

I am to create a mind map detailing the key processes in the production pipeline of a game, I needed to keep in mind the hardware and software requirements, the costs that are involved and the tools that help developers to create their products.

Mind map of Key processes for a 3D Game.png



Has anything I found during this task linked in with my own career goals? How would I apply these findings from this task to support my own development?

I have found out that to reach my career goals I need money to obtain the equipment needed to do work from home, I could also use any free software I can get my hands on.

I already know that computers, graphic tablets and the software are all fairly expensive.



Games Development Pipeline

I am to outline the key production processes used in the games industry, keeping in mind the pre-production, production and post production timelines, I am to do this by analyzing a specific game and create a task flow outlining the production processes used in the creation of the game while explaining what is involved during these phases of the production.

Game Chosen; Mass Effect


When creating the mass effect games the developers likely needed to know what it is they wanted to create, So their first priority was to plan the game out, this included the genre’s settings as well as writing the actual story of the game.


When it comes to creating the game the developers needed to create various assets for the game such as models for characters, vehicles, weapons, objects/props and the environment. The sound team would need to create and record their sounds, the Story team would need to develop their story and then input it in during the course of the production phase. The programmers would need to glue the different parts of the game together using their programming skills.


Now that the game has been developed now it’s time to maybe expand on the soon to become franchise, it’s time to advertise for the game, create additional merchandise and think ahead for the future of the series in terms of additional downloadable content and future games. Generally this phase is mostly from the business perspective.




My skills

During my time doing this course I have already learnt so many new skills that will help me on the current project and for future projects to come, These skills include learning the basics of 3D modelling as well as the importance of research and fundamentals of how to do accurate research. I have also learnt the bare minimum to sound production.

Currently from the skill sets I have learnt I think that 3D modelling best suites me, due to the amount of work and how much I enjoyed it however I aim to become a concept artist or/and 3D modeler for characters in my future projects.


Skills requirements for the project

For my current project I need to follow the key production processes, At first I need to plan my project, things such as Genre, setting, Time. I will then need to create concepts of my projects, using various art skills that I have at my disposal. I will then use my new found 3D modeling and sound production skills during the production phase to create various assets to use, I will then create my environment using a new engine that has had the basics taught to me.

For future projects I believe I need to heavily improve my skills in drawing and 3D modeling, I would also like to learn some new skills involving animation.

When creating my project I needed various pieces of Hardware and software, These include a Mid to High end computer set up that is able to run the software, I would then need both auto desk 3DS Max to create the 3D assets and then adobe Photoshop CS6 to create and edit various images. I will also need Audacity for Sound production and the Unreal engine 4 in order to put it all together into a game program.


Final Evaluation:

Unit 3 1.1

Identify the range of industry sectors (e.g. triple-A, indie, console, mobile, VR) to which these skills are applicable (provide examples) and explain why these skills are relevant to these sectors.

AAA game developers tend to have large development teams, High budget, specific deadlines and are generally of high quality with some exceptions they also have various different departments in the business, these include; Marketing, Art, Animation, 3D, Lore/Story writers, programmers and many more.

Indie games are very much the opposite of AAA, their development teams are small usually consisting of 1 or 2 people sometimes more, their low budget and usually get their games crowd funded, their deadlines are not really limited unless upon choice, the games are generally of low standard but with a few hidden gems. Their is usually a programmer and an artist, sometimes roles are shared.

Console games are in the majority, this is due to the large amount of players owning at least 1 home console so naturally all the large game developers will lean towards those platforms.

The mobile market is ever growing and more and more people simply switch on their phones, open up a quick and simple game and play until they need to stop such as when getting of the train for work/school or college.

2.1, 2.2

For what different job roles do these skills prepare you? What are the pros and cons of these job roles?

Generally these skills relate to various jobs within and outside of the games industry, examples would be the games industry, film industry and animation industry. however these jobs are very fragile and are constantly shifting as well as usually being limited locations of where these jobs take place.


How did you ensure that you completed your work and met your deadline?

To make sure I reached my deadlines with completed work I just worked for several hours at home in my spare time to keep as up to date as possible.