This Blog Post is a representation of the work I have done through the course of UNIT 4.

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Deconstruction of Game play Sequences

I am to deconstruct three game play sequences with at least one of them being based in the woods. I am also to ensure I am to explore game play sequences from at least two other different genres.

1st Game; Ori and the Blind Forest.[time stamps: 10:59 -12:00]

What production methods were used?

During the entire game of Ori and the blind forest the sound track is very mystical, a likely production method for creating this was to gather sounds both primary and secondary and mix them to create these very mystical sounds. These sounds are called Special FX.

Why are the Sounds used?

In the segment I have picked out the music of the game is mellow yet has a sad tone to it, this is because previous to this a series of events took place that would leave this impression on the audience as well as to portray the situation that Ori is now in. (alone in this vast forest). The music also creates atmosphere to the games world, your exploring this vast and mystical forest and the music helps empathize that aspect of the game and to set a theme. Their are also the environmental sounds the play when you run across different surfaces.

What effect do they have?

The sounds that play when Ori lands on a log, the sounds of dripping water inside a small cave and other similar sounds are all their to immerse the player into the games world, the forest of Nibel. Their are also the sounds of distant animals and creatures in the distance, as well as wind and leaves, these are ambient sounds and are used to give the player a sense of place aside from what they can visually see, however theirs nothing to really portray a sense of time from what I could tell when analyzing this clip. Finally the sounds that play when Ori picked up a collectible portrayed a  sense of meaning, “Oh hey you found something” is what these sounds are used for and to tell the player that their at least doing something right. in the last 10 seconds of the clip it suddenly becomes intense when a aggressive creature appears on screen, however if their was no intense audio to add to the scene with that added intensity.

Not in this clip but previous to the segment I have chosen their are various audio methods that help convey story, one is the voice of the tree, although in some unknown language it tells the player that someone or something is talking to them.

Are they appropriate for the mood/atmosphere as well as the situation?

Yes, all the sounds help to improve the mood and atmosphere that the player experiences while playing the game as well as the situation is mostly portrayed by music, Dramatic music starts playing at the sight of an enemy which helps add to that threat.


2nd Game; Among the Sleep, Time stamps [1:01:00 – 1:0?:00]

Warning: Can be loud.

What production methods were used?

For the majority of the clip in between the time stamps their is a constant eerie noise, this was likely made using a recording of another sound and modifying it using sound editing software such as audacity to manipulate it in ways to create this sound, the same method was likely used for the loud screech that plays when the “monster thing” has approached the player and is in the players vision.

Their is also a constant dripping noise, likely recorded maybe from a drip inside a cave or building with a decent amount of echo or another method of creating that sound using instruments and then editing the sound to create that effect.

Why are the sounds used?

The sounds are primary used to strike fear and incentive to escape to the player, the game is in the horror genre so this is an important feature of that genre. The water drops are used to help portray a setting, you know where you are visually however it just adds that much needed depth.

What effect do they have?

They defiantly deliver on create a sort of urgency to escape the monster and fear of what might happen if the monster catches the player.

Are they appropriate for the mood/atmosphere as well as the situation?

Defiantly they really do amp up the fearful and creepy mood/atmosphere as well as add to that situation of the player needing to escape/avoid the monster as soon as possible.

What production methods were used?

Most of the sounds I believe where created by using real life examples, such as the clashing of weapons would be used by hitting a likely blunt weapon for safety reasons against a shield. Fire and the horses could of been recorded directly but the fire could of been mimicked by recording something else such as the sizzling of bacon. Their is also the sound of the weapon cutting through the air, this would of likely had to be mimicked because it is such as precise sound, likely using various objects. After the sounds are recorded they are likely tweaked and edited to make them sound right.

Why are the sounds used?

The sounds are mostly used to add realism to the game as well as impact behind the weapons. if their where no sounds when weapons clash the characters in the game might as well of wielded paper rolls as weapons.

What effect do they have?

As mentioned before the sounds added realism and impact to the game. They also immerse the players into the game itself.

Are they appropriate for the mood/atmosphere as well as the situation?

Considering the situation is a war between viking tribes I can clearly state that they are appropriate, In terms of mood and atmosphere their is a constant feeling of danger due to these sounds constantly happening.


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Indie vs AAA

I am to analyse a genre, the platforms and the audience of AAA and indie game sectors.

I am to be assigned to a group, of which we will pick our sector, then our genre, platform and audience out of a hat. Once coming up with Ideas we are to present out choices taking various aspects into consideration.

What did we pick out of the hat?

Well we first got the indie sector, we then got the Wii U platform, and our audience was for young children of around 3 years of age.

We first needed to consider what our guidelines means in terms of limitations, Indie developers tend to be low budget, small team sizes if any at all. We then considered are audience of young children so we thought of a child like game, we straight away thought of things like toy story however it would be difficult to gain the rights for that franchise, so we then went for the closest thing and that is toys in general. We thought of a factory where the player could start of very basic but as they explore the factory and collect various collectibles they gain new customization options some of which will give the player new found toy powers that they could use to their own advantages. This makes the genre an adventure game and a collection game.

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Organisational structures, roles and processes

For this task I was to outline the Eco system of the games industry keeping in mind the structure, roles and processes required in the industry. I was to do this by creating an info graphic that details several different points.


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Trends within the games industry

For this task I am to detail the key trends that have shaped the games industry, To do this I am to create an Info graphic showing these trends. I needed to detail the past, present and potential future of the games industry. I choose to do this via a time line format.



Featured Image:

Original Author Unknown [Date Unknown] (1000+ images about The Video Game Ind) [Accessed 07/10/2016]



I am to evaluate my experience of working in a team with others.

I found the experience pretty straight forward, took a small amount of time to get used to and sometimes I found it difficult to get my point across but over all I found it refreshing.


Final Evaluation:

How could you alter these elements to change the meaning of the virtual experience for users (e.g. give your environment a horror, sci-fi or fantasy theme)?

Well the 1st step if you wanted to change the meaning of the virtual experience for the user to something else other than the game is you use a different audio experience, instead of using quite creepy sounds you could use happy and cheerful sounds, another way is to make the sounds theme completely, such as change the music that is usually toned down and solemn to a more fantastical Elven orchestra for example instantly changing it to the fantasy theme however sometimes this can be out of place.