This blog post purpose is to detail the work I have done during the fourth week of term 2.

Week 3 Homework Task:

For this task we were asked to read an article and watch a YouTube video and answer the following questions about sounds in the games development industry.

  1. What were the most important developments in game sound between early games and the 16 bit era?

The bit rate increased which also means the amount of memory available for the games also increased which allowed higher quality audio to be implemented into new games such as sounds like simulated voice. The increase of memory also allowed more sounds to be added into games, an example is before sounds where repeated throughout the game, majority of all levels of a game shared the same music track for example however after 16-bit it was possible to have a new audio track for each level adding variety to games. Mega man 2 for example did this as well as having different phases and motifs specific to each individual named antagonist character’s such as metal man, wood man and the famous and evil Dr.wily. Additional some games even had music that was produced by musicians such as Michael Jackson and his game moon walker which features some of his songs.

  1. What were the main limitations of consoles in this period?

The Primary limitation was the lack of processing power and memory the systems had available at the time restricting the amount of sounds available to implement as well as the speed of how they played due to slower processors taking longer to process the sound to be played.

  1. What creative solutions did sound designers develop to solve these problems?

There are various systems that had various sound channels or voices that sound designers realised that sometimes you could freely program the sound to change the type of wave the voice’s produced on command so some systems where constantly changing wave forms in the different voice channels to create more diverse and interesting music.

Character Concept Task:

For this task I am to design concept art for both my protagonist and antagonist of my game using various skills and techniques.

To design both characters I draw a box of 32×32 squares on 6 pieces of graph paper, I then drew 3 different concepts on each piece of paper for the protagonist and then another 3 for the antagonist. I then posted these onto the social media page.

Character post

I then scanned these onto the computer and recreated my favorite, giving a final concept.


Image 1Image 2Image 3Finished

My third Idea was my favorite of the three however I received feedback that it needed some adjustments, mainly to do with the collar around her neck and her overall silloute, with that in mind I added some colour variation to the collar and added the flask from the 1st concept art piece to this one.


antaginist_001 001antaginist_002 001antaginist_003 001


The 1st idea was my favorite with the antagonist as it’s colour pallet directly contrasts that of Marie curie being white’s, red’s and green’s. I tried to go a mad scientist/doctor for this one who is of course German as they where the opposing force during world war 1 and of Marie curie.

Reflection on Character Concepts:

Overall I’m happy how my concepts turned out, If I was to suggest anything to my previous self I would suggest having the characters facing right at an angle in order to look more like a 2d side scrolling platforming character.


Reflection on the week:

I enjoyed the character concept tasks and I learnt alot about how to do pixel art character concepts as well as I should consider how they will pose in the game when doing my concepts in relation to the 2D genre. I also found various things about sound design in games to be interesting but not overly.