This blog post is a list of the tasks I have completed during the fifth week of this project.

The Princess Bride 8-Bit Dub:

For this task, I am to re-dub a clip from the princess bride and re-dub it is using chip based sounds using various skills and techniques.

My priority was to pick a 30 secound segment from the clip that I aim to dub. I choose a section towards the end where there is a lot of sword clashing and jumping around, likely the most action in the entire video. I needed to evaluate what sounds are being made and it came to be mostly sword’s hitting against each other as well as jumps, lands, a vault and spinning of the same swords. I then tried to create some sounds using Boxer using the presents it provides and the limited editing available which I ended up not using because the sounds I got I was happy with. I then extracted the video only using adobe premiere and placed my sounds where I thought they were necessary, I even had a sound for when one of the actor’s catch’s the sword. after placing the sounds on 3 audio channels I adjusted them slightly to better fit the track finishing the task.

Here is my result:


Foley Dubbing:

We were then asked to use Foley sound techniques to dub the same clip segment again however I was unable to perform this task due to the limited time in the classroom to perform this task as well as the lack of equipment at home. I doubt sound recordings from a phone or laptop microphone would be suffice for the task as well.


Social Media Comment Report:

Over the course of this project we have been using social media to post our work and receive feedback. My report is that no one has commented on our social media, neither have they sent messages however it does have 15 likes and follows.


Reflection on the week:

Overall I liked the chip tune sound dubbing of the princess bride compared to previous sound tasks, I was unable to do the Foley dub of the same clip due to lack of time and equipment. The social media comment report is depressing but to be expected.