This blog post is to showcase the work that I have done during the sixth week of this project.

Creating Tile Sets for 2D Games:

For this task I am to create a “Tile Set” with the aim for use in a 2D side scrolling game using various skills and techniques.

First I needed a starting point to create my tile set from, I do this via a center tile such as the middle area of a wall. While looking at what atheastic I could use to create this wall I decided on white brick. I Used Adobe Photoshop in order to create my tile set starting at a canvas at 16×16 pixels in diameter. I quickly marked out some brick like shapes in a off white colour, filled in the gaps with another shade of off white, however looking at it closely if I was to tile them they would not be seemless so I needed to fix this by using offsetting to make the harsh lines clearer to see so then slight edits to make the tile seemless could be possible. I then reset the offset creating my seemless texture.

Now it is time to create additonal tiles, to do this I expanded the canvas size by 3 times in height and width creating a 3×3 set of tiles, with the previous tile in the center. I then duplicated my orininal tile to fill these remaining 8 areas for a new tile creating one large tile.

Tiled texture

However that is not the end of the task, I am to use these tiles in order to create corner and edge tiles in all directions of the compass. I did this by slowly chipping away at each tile with the eraser tool. I also created alternative bottom corner tiles to create wall bases.

Edited brick wall tilesSlight Update








Each tile is it’s own layer as well which enabled me to separate the tiles if needed.



I enjoyed this task however I would say that when I attempted to piece the tiles together to create a basic stage the piece’s didn’t fit together as nice as I hoped.

Developing my own idea’s for tile sets:

Now it’s time to expand on that original tile set by creating new tiles.

I recreated the oringal 9×9 set of tiles with a different style this time going for a stone wall but to make it look like mud I used shades of brown for the colours.

I then took these various tiles and duplicated them, in order to create new tiles such as platforms and pillars which are shown below.

Complete basic tile set pieces

I also duplicated the entire tile set and used the colour tools to change the overall colour hue to a grey pallet to represent cobblestone for example.

Cobblestone tile set

I also expiremented with my brown tiles to see what I could create in terms of levels with them.

attempt at using tiles to make a simple level


I enjoyed all the tile set tasks, I found then simple and straightforward, as well as easy as well as it allowed me to be creative. I’m happy with the results of the tasks however I could say I could make a better level out of these tiles.

Creating Promotional material [Top Trump]:

For this task I am to create a promotional piece for our game inspire’d by the ever famous top trump card’s that generally are based of science, history, media and the like, This top trump is detailing our protagonist of the game, in our case it’s Marie Curie.

I started of by looking at top trumps on the internet to refresh my memory of what they look like and to use as reference. I then created a canvas in adobe Photoshop of A3 size. I started of by creating the card shape itself with the curved cornered square shape tool. I then added additional shapes on the card for the location of her name, facts, backstory and an image of Marie Curie. I used the Image on the left below as a comparison to my pixel art version that I created during the concept art task previously.


I also researched a little bit on marie curie such as various facts and a little backstory, then added them in text appropriately onto the top trump style card. as well as her name. I also added in the images.

Marie Curie Top Trump

After some feedback I then came to the following result.

Lars Johnson Promo Poster


I liked this task because it was quick and simple. I rather enjoyed the task.

Reflection on the Week:

This week in particular I rather enjoyed and I thought I succeeded at because it targeted more creative area’s which I am keen for allowing me to work at my best. all the tasks where rather enjoyable, quick, simple and easy to understand as well as complete.


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