This blog post is here to showcase the work I have done during the 2nd week during the 2nd trimester of my college course.

Week 1: Homework Task:

For this task we where asked to each go and create a logo and name for our indie game developer studio, their where only a few prerequisites that we needed to meet, which was that our idea’s needed to reference and be appropriate to a indie game studio as well as an educational setting. we where then asked to promote our logo to our other group members and to decide on a final answer.

My idea was Red Panda Game’s, of which had a Panda’s face from a side angle with a circle likely a moon behind, the text was placed underneath. [I do not have an image to showcase my idea anymore]

The other group members idea’s where Abyssal Horizon, Rainy day games, Crimson moon and Pantheon Studio’s.

When voting among ourselves on who’s idea we should go with we ended up at a standstill between the idea’s, to decide we left the voting to the rest of the class however I have decided to drop my idea out of the vote [so I can use it personally later] after the class had voted it was decided that Pantheon studio’s was going to be the name of our game studio.

It was also decided that the logo needed some improvements because the idea currently was quite complex for a standard logo.

The Queen-:

For this task we are to create pixel art of the queen going from one of two images provided to us to use as reference.

Below are the 2 choices we where given:

I decided to choose the later option, my reasoning is the image is clearly identifiedĀ as the queen, where as the other could easily be mistaken for a regular older woman.

Our task was to create 3 versions of the queen, one at a 16×16 resolution, a secound at 24×24 and the final at 32×32 pixels in resolution.

I followed a similar process method as what I did when creating Harry Potter and snape as well as Dante from last week, I quickly created a silhouette of the character, then as a new layer added base colours using the eyedropper tool and then added lights and shadows on top of that.

My process for each are as follows.





When starting of creating my queen in pixel art I kept in mind that If I was to use this in a game it is best to have the queen at a side profile. The 16×16 resolution version was by far the most simple and easiest to create their was only a slight difficulty at getting the crown on her head to look right. I did try to add eyes but in the end I decided not to because frankly, it looked strange. When creating the 24×24 resolution version I came across the difficulty of the crown again as well as getting the proportions down however after painstaking trial and error’s I came to a point where I thought I was happy with it, I would mention that she does look a bit overweight. Now the 32×32 was defiantly the hardest, getting the height and proportions was very difficult and then creating a crown that looked great was also a challenge.

Producing our final Logo Graphics:

After the vote to decide on what name to give our indie game studio we where tasked to create a fitting logo for the group. We each decided to create our own and then cast a vote once again. their where a range of Logo’s which are as follows: [Mine is the one with the Panther]


To decide on who’s we should use we left it to the internet, We first created our 2 accounts, one on Facebook, and One on twitter:

Of which we spread our word around and asked people we know to vote via a poll on which logo we should use. We received 7 votes total and Samuel’s Idea won.


In future We will also post our work to both website page’s.

My reflections:

Personally I really like my Logo idea, it plays on the Panth and Eon parts of Pantheon by having a panther as the Logo with the text clearly splitting the two words in sections, the Eon part could represent that we are around for any length of time just like the word Eon.

The other Idea’s are also cool however the Pantheon building I found from research was over used with every company with Pantheon in it’s name or was located where the Pantheon buildings where, The letter logo’s are simply standered, one even looks too much like another.

The victor however was also very cool because it plays on the Pantheon of gods side to the name. Im glad that one was victorious.

Posting Work To the Page:

We all then Posted our work on the previous pixel art challenges to our Facebook page and twitter page. My post to the Facebook page is as follows.

I use the handle of Revenant on our pages.

Adding Pixel art to facebook.JPG


Mind Maps and Mood Boards:

For our next task we where to research and created a single Mind map full of what possibilities in terms of assets we could have in our games, we then add 3 Mood boards detailing what some of these things could look like, one was for characters, another for Objects and the final one for locations. These products are as follows:



With the mind map I tried to have as many things that relate to out game scenario as possible. having different types of soldiers, weaponry, objects, locations, story ideas, mechanics, visual styles and finally possible sounds we could have.


Mood Board 1 – Characters:

For this I tried capturing the visual style for all types of characters you could see in our game, starting of with the main Protagonist Marie Curie as the largest image on the board, I also had the different types of soldiers that where situated on the western front as well as civilians. Something that not many would think of was Animals that where used during the 1st world war such as Horses, Dog’s and Messenger Pigeons.


Mood Board 2 – Locations:

For this mood board I tried capturing several locations along the western front [where the game is set] but also some visual style and inspiration from other media more specifically the game Valiant Hearts.

I also thought about the colour pallet here as you can see with the colours at the top left of the mood board, I was thinking of going for a sepia colour scheme due to most camera’s back during world war one was either black and white or sepia and personally I find black and white games to be unappealing to the eye and very uncommon at the very least. I could still go for a coloured game or even monochrome with a key colour such as red or green.


Mood Board 3 – Objects:

For this final mood board I tried capturing different day to day objects and vehicles found during world war one, such as the sand bags, barrels, ammo crates and even a machine gun, as well as vehicles like the tank and zeppelin. the chest of draws is an example of furniture of that time period that if I where to implement in the game I have a reference of a chest of draws to destroy with warfare.

Reflecting on this task:

Personally Im not a big fan of Mind Maps and Mood Boards due to the not really being useful to me in the past. This task was still helpful however because it allowed me to pear into some of the processes used to come up with ideas for a game. I thought I could also cram alot more into each Mood Board as well as a little bit on the mind map.

Our Final Game Scenario Decision [Also in Week 1]

With the research that we discovered as well certain pre decided decisions we where then to develop an Idea for our game.

Our game would be a 2D side-scrolling game where the player as Marie Curie during the times of World war one is forced to deliver her X-ray equipment by foot to the front lines after her ambulance has been destroyed and is no longer usable. Along your travels to the front line the player can find radioactive materials such as radium to further her famous research, collecting these will accumulate a Score however their is a secret feature to this, As you collect the materials and reach milestones you will receive a special on screen message detailing a quote from Marie curie, upon disappearing Marie will become weaker than before caused by radiation, she will move slower, jump lower and this will increase as she collects more materials until when she arrives close to her final goal which is the medical center at the front lines she will either drop dead from the radiation or deliver the equipment by completing the secret goal of avoiding the materials all together.

The game will be set in several locations around the war torn regions of France, such as the city of ParisĀ all the way to the western front borders of the front lines. The artistic style of the game will be pixel art having a slight contrast with the serious tone of the story and the effects of the player’s actions.

Reflections on the Week:

How will this task help you to meet the current requirements and parameters of your project?

I believe these tasks will train me in ways to come up with Ideas for our game such as the mood boards helping to come up with a visual style for different assets that could potentially be in our final game.

What research activities did you undertake in order to help you create your mind map and mood boards? Were these effective? What other research activities could you have undertaken?

In the previous week we all researched both World War One as well as Marie Curie and found some things that we could put into our Mind maps and Mood boards and later potentially our games. I found these research methods very effective and if I where to research any further I could of gone to a museum about either subject and delved deeper into understanding both sides of our project.

How will this task help you to plan and organised your work on the current project?

This task helped organised and plan our project by keeping all our ideas in labeled locations as a single document. making things easier to find.

How did you apply your practical skills (include screenshots where relevant)? Did you learn any new skills during the process?

During the pixel art tasks we where taught how to not only create pixel art but also how to shade and add light to our art which will help amplify our visual style of our game. We where also taught how to create and lay out our mind maps and mood boards, one such example is to make our images in our mood boards only contain what we want so we would use tools such as the lasso tool to select and remove unwanted parts of the image. We where also thought that layout in the mood boards is very important and creating varied shapes for our images and overlaying them like a collage is a great idea.

How effective were your solutions in solving this visual-based problem? Consider whether you could have explored more ideas in your mind maps, or included a wider range of imagery in your mood boards. Do you think that this work will help you to solve visual, interactive and even audio-based problems in your work? If so, how?

So our games are going to be in a pixel art style, which in itself is a visual based problem however with the gathering images and ideas to our mind maps and mood boards it removed the “what do we create now” issue we would have if we didn’t gather Intel on possible assets, It also fixes the issue of a lack of reference to use. Wether it will help with even interactive and audio-based problems is a uncertainty. for example we know what sounds we can have thanks to our research and mind map but method of creating those sounds is somewhat unclear however this task lifted some of the work load of coming up with ideas for sounds. as with interactive problems we have some ideas of objects and vehicles that if possible we could have some interactivity to them, we could also have interactive sounds with some aspects of our game such as movement.