This blog post showcases the work that I have done during the 1st weak of the extended project.

What I’ve learnt so far.


I was asked to create a timeline that showcases the events, skills and knowledge that I have gained throughout the current year and the course so far. I created this timeline using Adobe PhotoShop CS6. I made sure to remember as much as I possibly could to add to this timeline.


Reflection and Evaluation:

While I look back on the current year and the work that I have completed as shown in the timeline I now realise how much work I have completed and how many new skills I have acquired. I had the most fun creating characters, 3D models and digital design pieces using software programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS6 and 3DS Max and will likely be incorporating these features into my extended project in some way. I’m not too interested in sound for me to be considering working with sound for my extended project as well as video editing. I was fun creating a 3D environment despite how displeased I was with the final result however I would like to learn more about 3D modelling in the future. Overall I have enjoyed this course and wish to learn much more things about game development and more specifically characters and 3D modelling.

From what I have learnt throughout the course and my personal Interest I have an intention for my extended project, and that is that of character design, I will be using the skills I have and will learn

Who Am I?

At the start of this course and year I was asked to create a mind map telling others who I am, to elaborate this involves things such as inspirations, influences, likes/dislikes, views and my personal upbringing that have sculpted me into who I am today. For this task I was asked to recreate this mind map, going into much more detail as well as including any changes that have happened since the time when I first created the mind map.


Reflection and Evaluation:

When recreating the mind map I tried to incorporate everything that came to my mind about what makes the person I am today, I avoided adding controversial topics and instead divided it into the same categories as before, I just included a lot more things within them. I used the website to create the mind map. I actually didn’t realise how many things have sculpted who I am today. I did actually forget to add a few things such as my interest in the general culture of eastern countries such as China and Japan. It’s good to see what has influenced me over the years as well as what could be influences my extended project.