This blog showcases the work I have done during the 2nd week of the extended project.

Initial Ideas [2.2]

My Three Ideas:

For this I was tasked to come up with three idea’s fitting to a specific interest of mine, which I would then pick one to refine and create into an extended project piece.

The Topic interest for the extended project was Characters, I came to this conclusion almost instantaneously, mostly because I already had a solid goal in mind for this extended project.

The following are the Idea’s I came up with:

Idea One: A Roster of Futuristic Characters [Concept Art]

For my first Idea and the most favourable idea is to create concept art for a roster of character’s that are to be used in a Future setting aimed at for potentially games, animation and film. I’m considering making this because of my love of characters ever since fell in love with many characters from various media formats such as Cecil [Final Fantasy IV, Link and Midna [Zelda], Dante [Devil May Cry] and many more which made me wish to create my own. I will use many skills including organisational skills, research skills, and various concept art aspects. My target audience is lovers of futuristic settings as well as lovers of the art style and genre’s, as well as other developers and concept artists. I will be carrying heavy research tackling every subject of concept art and the theme of the characters as well, I will also research marketplace facts such as trends and popularity of the cyberpunk genre for example.

Idea Two: A Borderlands Vault Hunter [Concept Art]

For my secound Idea I have the intention of creating my own playable character [Vault Hunter] for the Borderlands franchise in the form of concept art. I am considering this idea because of my love of the series and character’s in general. It’s important to me because of my love of characters and I have always wanted to create my own and have then look and act like their real. I will be creating the concept using pencil and paper and then possibly colour and edit using adobe Photoshop later on. I will also organise and record my work and processes as I create him outcome. My target audience is not only the lovers of the franchise but also the developer’s themselves. I will be conducting heavy research to gain as much information and techniques that I can implement into the project, for example I can research the backstory and lore of the series as well as research the art style by performing studies and using references.

Idea Three: A League of Legends Champion or Two [Concept Art]

My third Idea is to create my own very own League of Legends champion or even two via concept art and character design. I have played League of Legends since May 2012 over 2 accounts and fell in love with many of the characters in the game and from time to time I create my own playable characters each with a set of abilities and backstory. This is important to me because of the love of the game and characters in general, I have the desire to create my characters of my own in time, and I think league of legends sparked the idea of me wanting to become a character designer for games. I will be drawing the character concepts using paper and pencil, inking over the drawing, scanning it onto a computer and editing/colouring the concept using Photoshop. My target audience is Players of league of legends, Riot games themselves creator of the game and selfishly myself because I think there is no character out of 136 at this present time that I adore and will stick with. I will research the games extensive story elements such as the stories of each faction to decide where he character originates from. I will be researching various skills and techniques related to character design as well as researching ways to come up with a set of abilities that won’t seem he most powerful thing in the game and have some balance to the character.

Reflection and Evaluation:

I am happy with the idea’s that I came up with, and when discussing these Ideas with others it was decided that we would go with my first Idea of creating a group of characters due to this being the only idea of mine that would be in my own style and not directly influenced by any other, in other words I would like end up copying the style of borderlands or League of Legends which would not be the best for me and this extended project. However I don’t mind with this decision because it was the Idea that not only first came to mind but also the one I am most interested in performing. I did actually have two other Idea’s for my extended project, the 1st was to create 1 character and create a 3D model of that character, the other idea was to perform a character design essay about the development of some of my favourite characters, I ended up swapping these however because the other ideas had greater interest.

Project Proposal Task:

I was then asked to create a Project proposal that not only refines the idea for my extended project but also goes into more detail and portrays a better Idea of what I wish to create. I did this using Microsoft Word and a premade template, I also made sure to answer all the provided questions and to fit within the word count, I actually made several versions before landing on the right one which is displayed below.

Project Proposal:

UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Diploma

Unit 8 – Project Proposal

Name  Lars Jael Johnson
Pathway  UAL Level 3 Games Development
Project Title  A roster of character concepts.
Section 1: Rationale (Approx. 100 words)
For my year one extended project, I aim to explore the principles of character design, I am doing this because of my love of characters ever since I played through Final Fantasy IV and grew attached to the character Cecil and his story. I aim to create some characters of my own putting together various skills I have and will acquire throughout this project. My project is important due to my connection with characters I aim to look at different aspects of character designing including colour and shape theory as well as fashion to create characters that will capture the interest of my audience.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx. 200 words)
My intention for this extended project is to create up to 4 characters’ total that would be mainly intended for a video game but also could be used in other media such as Film and animations. The game would be an Open-world Action Role playing game set in High-tech false-Utopian city in the near future, this will affect my designs drastically.

My influences are as follows;

I quite like the fashion found in the Mirror’s Edge games.

The tech of the Deus Ex games I also find to be a profound influence.

For research, I will be looking at several key factors, the most important is the setting,

High-tech and false-Utopian to see what these may bring to my characters, I will also be researching weaponry both new, present and old including swords as well as research into super powers. I will also be researching other future tech such as gadgets to implement ideas. I will also research fine art, and fashion

My target audience is young adults who love stylistic science fiction and action orientated characters, also other artists, developers and myself.

My role is to create the characters from scratch and come up with a concept, I will do this with the tools at my disposal these are; Pencil, Paper, Computer, Graphics-Tablet, Software, Light-box and scanner.

Section 3: Evaluation (approx. 150 words)
The way I tend to evaluate my work is in a varied method of ways, the first is to take notes of my decisions and methods of creating my work, I will annotate my work on what I like and didn’t like as well as keep records of all the work I complete via screenshots, recordings, and photo’s. I will gather feedback for my work in the form of questionnaires, comments on social media websites and art station, Opinions on others and my own weekly reflections and evaluations.

I will ask questions that avoid leading to other questions and my questions will not influence the answers that I receive.

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